Learn how Instant will help you save on operating costs and empower your employees.

Find out how we provide you with access to your pay after every shift.

Instant Money

Every business needs to recruit and retain great employees.
Instant makes it simple to offer staff a portion of their earned pay in real-time without having to change current systems.

How it works.

Every work day is pay day: Employees can access to a portion of their earned income after every shift through an app that’s linked to their Instant debit card.

No extra work for employers: Instant integrates seamlessly into time keeping and payroll systems to allow employers to offer this service as a wellness benefit.

Stop being the bank: Use Instant to pay tips immediately at the end of a shift or the night without the hassles and risks of cash.

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Kurt Astle


Privileged to work with the great people at @CaspersCompany to provide @beinginstant to their hard working Employees

Hope King


So excited to talk future of work and salaries with @beinginstant CEO Steve Barha

Austin Fast


No more waiting: Startup Instant Financial enables daily #paychecks, could cut down on #PaydayLoans @beinginstant

Neil McPhedran


Met @beingINSTANT team on Friday. Super innovative #fintech disrupting credit & banking on many fronts. #onetowatch #Vancouverfintech