About Instant

Instant’s mission is to lead a modern money movement that helps businesses improve the financial wellness of their people. The traditional ‘pay period’ is desperately out of step with the way people need to manage and access their pay in today’s world. Payroll systems are currently unable to give employers the flexibility and speed they need in order to meed the rapidly evolving needs of the modern worker. This has had harsh personal repercussions for employees and a negative impact on the business.

Our team’s background and experience in financial technology has enabled us to build a platform that can solve these problems for businesses without the need for them to reshape the way the operate when it comes to payroll.

The more we partner with businesses and employees across North America, the further we are expanding the innovation and ability of our products to create new possibilities. We are reshaping the way employees experience their pay while improving the working relationship and productivity of their employers.

The Team

Steve Barha, CEO

As Instant’s CEO, Steve is responsible maximizing Instant’s value to clients, employees and shareholders. Additionally, Steve manages all of Instant’s investor relations activities, financial services partnerships and compliance initiatives.

Ryan Volberg, CRO

As Instant’s CPO, Ryan is responsible for ensuring Instant’s that products and services meet the evolving needs of our clients and the industries we serve. Additionally, Ryan manages all of Instant’s third party integration programs and partnerships.

Kevin Falk, CTO

As Instant’s CTO, Kevin is responsible for ensuring that Instant’s technology delivers the level of performance, availability and security our enterprise clients need to pay their people. Additionally, Kevin oversees Instant’s development and quality assurance teams.

Kevin Froese, SVP Sales and Marketing

As Instant’s executive sales and marketing leader, Kevin is responsible for growing Instant’s brand and market share by working with clients to provide solutions that help both their businesses and their employees. Additionally, Kevin manages Instant’s global go to market initiatives and sales channels.

David Alvarado, VP Hospitality

As Instant’s hospitality and food service market advocate, David is responsible for working with enterprise restaurant and hotel clients to ensure that their needs represented at Instant. Additionally, David leads Instant’s franchise deployment programs.

Mandeep Basra, VP Finance and Compliance

As Instant’s finance leader, Mandeep is responsible for all of Instant’s administrative functions as well as ensuring that Instant meets all required industry regulatory compliance standards. Additionally, Mandeep manages payroll operations, payables and receivables.

Erik Levinson, VP Engineering

As Instant’s engineering leader, Eric is responsible for ensuring that Instant delivers secure, high performance mobile application and software experiences for our clients. Additionally, Eric is responsible for Instant’s infrastructure, technical operations and security.

John Tewfik, VP Customer Success

As Instant’s leader in business and account holder success, John is responsible for ensuring that all clients and their employees receive the support and service they need when they need it. John manages Instant’s client services teams and service providers, and is responsible for client communications and customer journey.

Instant In The Press

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