Instant Money Transfer

Learn how Instant works seamlessly with existing payroll solutions so that employees can receive daily access to their pay.


We can connect to an employer’s existing time and attendance and payroll systems automatically.


We replace checks, direct deposits, paycards and cash with the Instant app and paired prepaid card.


Employees go to work, being sure clock in and clock out as they’d normally do!


When they finish a shift, they can instantly access a portion of their day’s pay.


Instant Pay offers are sent once an employee clocks out for the day and expire after a few hours. If unclaimed, the pay will come on payday as usual.


If they choose to accept the Instant Pay offer the money will instantly be available.


Employees can now make purchases, pay bills, or withdraw cash at ATM’s with the Instant card!


Managers can push tip amounts immediately to employees from the Instant back–office portal.


From here you can also see reports on the payments you’ve made to employees.


Instant will enhance your cash management and compliance procedures!

Learn how Instant will help you save on operating costs and empower your employees.

Find out how we provide you with access to your pay after every shift.

Things you may want to know

What if an employee does not have a smart phone? Can they still choose to be paid by Instant?

Yes. Instant is accessible via the Instant Mobile App or via the Instant website.

What happens if an employee doesn’t clock out properly? Can they still get an Instant Pay?

Instant can be configured with workflow rules including the ability to suspend Instant Pay for employees that are auto-clocked out or under a garnishment.

Can we use Instant to move other forms of money besides payroll, tips and Instant Pay?

Instant supports all forms of off-cycle payments including: final pay, expense reimbursements, commissions and bonuses.

Does Instant replace my time and attendance, payroll or HRIS systems?

No. Instant easily connects to your existing HCM systems. This allows us to deploy quickly with minimal changes to your established payroll workflows.

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